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Cesarine triplets keep it All in the Family at Aronimink Golf Club

  On weekends during the summer, most college students look forward to sleeping in and spending lazy days with their friends. That isn’t the case for one local family. Meet the Cesarine triplets: John, a senior communications major at the University of Pennsylvania; Joseph, a senior biochemistry and molecular biophysics major at New York University and Terence, a senior acting major also at NYU. This trio, long-time Aronimink Golf Club caddies, epitomizes what being a looper is all about. They are honest, hard-working and dedicated people who the Platt Caddie Scholarship is proud to call caddie-scholars. While these three brothers are probably too young to know the names Archie, Edith and Meathead, they are intimately familiar with the “bunkers” and understand what it means to keep it “all in the family.”

The Cesarine triplets (from front to back),
Terence, John and Joseph.
  The Cesarines have been fixtures at Aronimink since they were 12 years old. They are now 21. Said Joseph, “We have an older brother, Frank, who is eight years older than us. Frank got into caddying in high school and then kept at it through college. When he was in the middle of college, the summer of eighth grade for us, he brought us up here.” His brother John added, “We’d come out on Mondays [when caddies can play] and would caddie for Frank and his friends and they would teach us the ropes and what to do. And then all through high school and college we have caddied.” Said Terence, “Caddying is what I have done since I first started working. It’s just a fun environment and while none of us are golfers ourselves, we like being around it.”

  As you would expect, while they caddy, there is a fair amount of sibling rivalry on course. “We’ve all played sports and are all very competitive people,” said Terence. “While caddying for people playing in the Club Championship or in the Derby, you can get really competitive out there. And when you are caddying you do have a little say, and control a little bit of what is going on. It’s definitely competitive.”

  While they do compete with one another on the course, they are also first to help each other. Whether it be pulling the flag stick or cleaning a member’s club, the brothers will jump in and do what needs to be done. “It really depends how our golfers are playing,” said Joe. “If we have one golfer in the trap and one on the green, then the caddie whose golfer is on the green gets the pin. So it depends on how and what the golfers we are carrying the bag for are doing, but we will help each other out.” That’s the thing about brothers and especially triplets. “We can give each other a look and know exactly what the other person is thinking with just our eyes,” added Terence.

  While his older brother Frank was himself a Platt Caddie-Scholar, it was really Mike Higgins (Aronimink’s former club president) that got John involved with the Trust. “I was caddying up here all the time and became friendly with Mr. Higgins and he told me I should apply,” said John. “So I did. The members know me and were really happy when they heard that I got the scholarship. Every year for three years the Platt has helped me. I think all three of us are basically taking out loans to pay for most of our tuition. I know [Joe and Terence] get some scholarships, but I am basically taking out loans for the remainder.”

  Family plays another role in the lives of the boys, but it’s a different family altogether. As this is their 10th summer caddying at the same club, Aronimink has become a home away from home. Said Terence “a lot of these people that we caddie with, are guys we have grown up with and many of them are our closest friends. It’s sort of like a summer family.” And the same holds true of the membership and staff. Tom Foley, the longtime Aronimink caddie master, has nothing but praise for these young men. “They are good kids, really good kids. Their brother got them started and they really mix in with the members very well.” While in many cases it is hard enough to afford to be able to put one child through college, the burden is threefold with triplets. Each brother is attending a school with annual budgets of more than $50,000 a year. That means every contribution helps. “We wouldn’t be here and be able to offer support to young people such as these, without the help and financial support from members within the Golf Association of Philadelphia,” said Jack Endicott, the Platt chairman. “And in a difficult economic climate, contributions and support are needed now more than ever.”

  This year the Platt Caddie Scholarship has 170 deserving caddie-scholars, each with a story to tell, and each a member of the Platt Caddie Scholarship “family.”

  Since it was founded in 1958, the Platt Caddie Scholarship Trust has awarded more than 13 million in grants to over 3,100 young men and women.

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